Making your own luxuries phone case brand.Some times, not often, do I buy a nice bag. I will spend +$1000 and I will get a very nice product in a very nice luxurious box and in a nice dust bag. I will wear my new bag and i feel very good, my friend envy me. And when I got my new nice iPhone 6 Plus did I want a nice case for it. I love gold and bling, but it was hard to find something of the quality I wanted. It was possible to special order on Etsy, but 4 weeks delivery and no returns, no real pictures of what you will get and a price tag of $200, was not what I wanted. My husband told me, make your own cases. I have several very helpful mentors. All of them saying there are no shortcuts, do everything your self and you will in the end get the product and brand you can stand behind 100%. I just got a nice feedback form a customer saying " I can't stop looking at my case". So I think my concept with a clean design that combine colors with fashion and function rely could be a winning concept. Back to the story, I ordered crystals samples direct form +5 different crystals factory's , only one turned out could deliver outstanding quality. I fast figured out a good way to attach the crystals and after continuous fine tuning do i now have a extreme secure way to attach the crystals. I ordered special designed Velvet/Silk dust bags and high end card-box retail boxes. I want the ones who buy my cases to feel that they just have purchased a $500 product .Finally, if you wonder where the name Rangsee are coming from. Rangsee are my birth name in Thailand.

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